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Meet Lisa

Communication & Ministry Expert

A seasoned communication expert with a deep-rooted passion for fostering meaningful connections. With over 27 years in children's ministry, she has cultivated a unique expertise in small group dynamics, leadership, and public speaking. Beyond her roles in ministry, Lisa has also shaped young minds as a Communication professor, amplifying the importance of effective dialogue in faith communities.

Her love for narrative and connection shines through in her book, "Connecting with Purpose: Small Group Dynamics for Families in the Church." Lisa's mission transcends denominations; she's driven to share her expertise with a diverse audience, emphasizing the transformative power of communication in the realm of faith. Join her journey and discover the harmonious blend of faith and communication.


Discover Genuine Connection
Workshops and more

At the heart of Lisa's mission lies a profound appreciation for genuine, face-to-face communication. While her consultations are seamlessly web-based and tailored to meet you wherever you are, her workshops and speaking engagements are exclusively in-person. This approach is deeply rooted in her belief in the unmatched dynamics of in-person dialogues — where the magic of real-time feedback, energy exchange, and profound connection unfolds.

Lisa's journey into faith and communication wasn't just by chance. Every lesson she imparts is steeped in over 27 years of hands-on experience, from children's ministry to shaping young minds as a Communication professor. Her approach stands out, not just in the depth of knowledge she offers but in the heartfelt narratives she weaves and the interactive nature of her sessions.

Beyond just a profession, this is Lisa's calling. It's about bridging gaps, fostering understanding, and empowering both leaders and attendees alike. Dive deep into what makes Lisa's method different and discover the transformative power of genuine communication.

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